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Grow your Profit

Kick paper plans and spreadsheets to the curb when estimating stone, marble, granite and more. Measure Square Stone makes it easy to save more than 20% in materials cost thanks to more accurate bids and a straightforward experience. With built-in optimisations to prevent over purchasing, you’ll end up with less waste and more profits.


  • Solves Stone Project Specifics That Other General Takeoff Software Cannot Handle

  • Enables To Quote With Different Options For Large Projects

  • Specialized For Stone And Tile Trade

  • Free Trial

MeasureSquare Stone 
$189.00 per month
MeasureSquare Stone and Tile $270.00

Why Switch to MeasureSquare Stone Takeoff?

Find out how Stone Edition helps industry leaders like DalTile stone division streamline its quote process


Stone - Glass - White Rock

System Requirements: Windows 8/9/10/11 - 8+ GB Ram - i5 Processor (Rec) -  Laptop - Desktop - Tablet PC's

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