Measure your customers room with your camera and give your customer an immersive AR experience, put them in their own room and show them what it looks like with tile, carpet, timber floors. This is a great sales Tool

Quick Steps: 
1. Position the camera toward the floor and turn it around to calibrate your phone's cameras - to get things ready for the AR (Augmented Reality) magic. 
2. When the calibration sign disappears, aim the pointer at a corner of the room, tap the green button and then move to next corner. 
3. Once you get back to the starting point, the pointer will snap into place -- closing the room shape. 
4. To view surface products in a room, tap on the Product icon and select a texture to apply to the area. 
5. Continue measuring additional rooms if needed. And when finished, tap the Check Mark icon to complete your floorplan and you can then email it to a local flooring store or contractor. 

Remember this app is still a beta... 
AR technology is at its early stages and the accuracy for measurement depends on a few factors: good lighting conditions, steady camera movement, consistent surface textures and the positioning of the app's digital pointer. In other words, it is normal for things to be a few percentages off. To get a more accurate measurement, you will need to use a professional device like a laser meter. But then again, Apple continues to improve its AR technology platform - and we'll make sure to update our app along the way.

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