Painting Estimating Software to Win More Paint Bids

For professional painting contractors

Painting estimating software is critical for paint contractors to estimate and bid their projects efficiently. MeasureSquare commercial estimating software can import painting pages of PDF plans and takeoff paint areas fast and accurately. As a result, it helps paint contractors to create professional proposals with colored drawings for site painters as well.

Estimating efficiently with accurate costs protects a contractor’s bottom line for all industrial, commercial and residential painting projects. Painting contractors can setup the software to measure paint square footages, specify coats, locations of paints and colors.

The software works for both exterior and interior painting surfaces with 2D or 3D models. To be more specific, the painting estimator handles complicated curved shapes, paint materials and labor costs.


  • Commercial and residential construction painting

Best for

  • Painting contractors, property owners and estimators

How it Works 

  • Easily estimate exterior, interior and maintenance painting projects

  • Set up and configure paint material products, labor items, and assembly costs and sales prices

  • Drag and drop painting items to apply to walls, ceilings and trims to get automated estimates

  • Used by painting contractors for commercial offices, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, schools, HOA/Condos, apartments, and industrial warehouses and facilities

  • Used by leading painting contractors such Sherwin’s resellers and contractors

  • Easy to create WOs, POs and invoices with layout diagrams for site production by field painter

  • Takeoff and estimate any commercial, residential or industrial painting projects

  • Import architect plans with painting specification pages into the software, or

  • Measure onsite with a laser meter to draw painting areas for estimating

  • Takeoff all painting surfaces such as walls, ceilings, base boards, moldings, trims, doors/windows, cabinets, fences, railing and sidings

  • Apply on areas (floor/wall/ceiling), linear curb edges (base and ceiling trims), and count items (doors, windows, cabinets, etc)

  • You can also apply on exterior and interior floors, ceilings, walls and elevations

  • Generate professional bid proposal with protected cost and margin in mind

  • Create and present a professional proposal to communicate and win the bids

  • Easily create maintenance proposal to get repeat business

  • Cost estimates are automatically calculated and ready for reporting


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