Tile Layout Design Software to Win More Tiling
For tile estimators, contractors and installers


Tile layout design software is critical for tile estimator to design, layout and estimate their tile projects. Because the layout software can import drawing plans from PDF and takeoff floor and wall areas fast and accurately. As a result, it helps tile contractors to create professional design and layout with 2D and 3D drawings.

Tile contractors can setup the software to takeoff tile area on floors, walls and ceilings, and pick layout directions and starting point,  apply tile patterns, and get tile and grout usages automatically.


To be more specific, the estimator handles complicated pattern shapes with optimized waste, so it calculates tile qty and also labor costs as well. Estimating efficiently with accurate cost protects a contractor’s bottom line.


  • Tile and stone projects for new construction, remodeling and renovation, applies to kitchen, bath/shower and commercial floor and tiling

Best for

  • Tile estimators, contractors, installers, distributors, architects and designers

How it Works 

  • Model kitchen, countertop and bath/shower floors and walls with tile and stone products

  • Create tile floors with borders, base tiles and wall tile stack sections

  • Save tile stack design profile templates, and applies to dozen of areas in a batch

  • Visualize tile layout and design in 2D and 3D

  • Visualize real effect with tile design with real tile texture image in 2D and 3D

  • Share 3d project web link with clients, subcontractors and installers

  • Takeoff tile project from PDF architecture design drawings or measure onsite with a laser and the software easily

  • Takeoff and trace on an imported architect PDF plans with tile area pages, or

  • Measure onsite with a laser measuring meter to create interior and exterior floor plan drawing.

  • Create custom tile patterns as needed or use existing popular tile pattern templates

  • Define your custom tile pattern with sophisticated shapes with a tile pattern designer, or

  • Simply apply from a popular existing tile pattern library

  • Accurate tile project cost estimate and professional quote to win bids

  • Drag and drop products and add-on items, cost estimates are automatically calculated

  • Easily create quote, WOs, POs and invoices with layout diagrams for clients, vendors and site installers


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