Join the 2500+ commercial contractors that use MeasureSquare software for takeoff estimating and jobsite production tracking. The app loads project plans, takeoff estimate data, and room drawings in 2D/3D; it allows for quick site data entry and task assignment, generates daily site production report, labor billing report, punch list, site photo markups onsite instantly on a tablet or phone, ideal for PMs, superintendents, foremen, and subcontractors.

JobTrakr : the 1st mobile app & web portal to track job production with accurate & real-time data for contractors
Track your projects with simple yet sohpisticated software and cloud based management tools. Fully integrated with MeasureSquare estimation software making it seemless.
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  • MeasureSquare JobTrakr is used onsite to track field tasks by foremen, supers and PMs to collect product installation quantities, to create issue reports or even design change spec tickets, compile punch list reports, and to dispatch tasks to subcontractors etc.. The app is especially powerful with its 3D room data so that field tasks can be referenced to floors, walls, elevations, windows, doors and ceilings in 3D view. It substantially increases communication efficiency to avoid repeat work and mishaps.

  • The JobTrakr app enables field reps and office workers to collaborate over the web portal, so project administrators can dispatch tasks, approve work orders, verify labor billings with detailed site completion reports in 3D web view as well. So all subcontractors can provide timely accurate completion reports to get paid faster by GCs.

  • The app also integrates with MeasureSquare’s cloud estimate data and floorplan takeoffs, makes it a field collaboration tool for coworkers, subcontractors and GCs.

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