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JobTrakr - is the first mobile app & web “app” to make it simpler than ever to track production, generate reports, and collaborate with team members in real-time.


Get a 10000 ft view of your project

Powered by MeasureSquare Cloud - Measure Square combines everything you need into an easily accessible cloud-based solution, PDF, CAD, IMG plan takeoffs, product layouts and quantities, or contract pricing.


Trusted by Thousands of Flooring,
Construction & Home Services Businesses Large and Small

Customised to fit the needs of your Business

Flooring projects require lots of collaboration; the more you collaborate, the more you profit. MeasureSquare’s cloud provides collaboration with simple sharing of projects data and product catalogs between the office and field.

Construction - Site - Job Management JobTrakr

Estimate Smarter - Bid Faster - Win More 

MeasureSquare Suite

Take the headache out of managing your jobsite

Jobsite management can be complicated but it doesn’t have to be.


  • Dedicated customer success rep

  • Complimentary onboarding sessions

  • Access to internal training materials

  • Email and phone support

Try it for free and create instant collaboration between your field reps and office staff and get paid faster.


Takeoff, bid, and sell as a team. Collaborate with estimators, project managers, and sales reps on commercial flooring and tiling projects using Measure Square Cloud.


Tackle large projects with ease. Estimate and bid onsite or in the office or quickly share project details with builders, project managers, and property managers.


Measure, quote, and close onsite. Combine the Mobile Measure estimating app with Measure Square Cloud to access your full product database onsite.


They are definitely telling me JobTrakr is a massive help when out on site and it’s making their processes quicker and easier

David Cassar / Trump Flooring / Senior Estimator

My overall productivity has increased a lot, mistakes have been reduced, and I think
I’ve only scraped the surface of what the software is capable of.

Lou Woodcock/ Commercial Floors / Commercial Estimator

I am flooring estimator for Sees Flooring, and we have been using measure square for over
4 years. I recommend the software as it is very easy use and helps us provide
accurate/quick quotations to our clients. It helps to calculate the amount of material required
for each project and helps us be competitive within the flooring industry.

Joe Martin / Sees Flooring / Senior Estimator

The software saves time with little things like saving wall profiles and having products like underlay or adhesive or tile trims added to your tile/carpet
measurement. So by dragging one product into your measured room/area it
automatically calculates the amount of the product and add-ons to be used.

Dean Clark / Color Tiling/ Owner

I’ve been using MeasureSquare for 4 years now. I work for a company who does
ceramic tiling, laminate flooring and carpets. MS was easy to start using, has been
saving me a lot of time, and the software support has been great!

Riaan Kriek / Crew Contractors / Estimator

Measure Square has completely changed the way we estimate work. We can measure a
project in 75% less time which means we can spend more time with our clients! Our clients
are always pleased to received a drawing of exactly what was measured and what products
our price is based on. Measure Square completely modernised the way we estimate work.

Reece Watson / Contract Flooring / Estimator

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